Only 136 days until Christmas!

They say time fly’s when you’re having fun and it certainly has I’ve just realised this is my first blog since we welcomed in 2017 and now we are in the middle of a very wet summer.

but this hasn’t stopped the magic, the show goes on as they say and I have been luckily enough to entertain hundreds of people at a variety of events over the last few months! It’s been a roller-coaster of magic across the UK.


The wedding season is now in full swing and to count I think I have performed at over 35 weddings this year at some truly beautiful venues and with some other wonderful wedding suppliers.  One of the highlights so far has been entertaining wedding guests at the stunning Cornwell Mannor a first for me and is a highly recommended wedding venue and for all the movie buffs you will know it was used during filming of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Holiday’ staring Kate Winslet, Jude Law & Cameron Diaz, for all the guy’s reading this its ok – it’s a chick flick!


So with only 136 days until Christmas Day I’ll leave you with the thought of ‘who’s planning your Christmas party?’ and if they want to make it extra special get in touch now to add a touch of magic to the party.




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